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Claughton Pellew

Claughton Pellew Prints

Claughton Pellew (1890 - 1966) son of a mining engineer and an artist mother, was born in Cornwall, but soon after his birth the family moved to Canada. On their return from Canada he was educated at Merchant Taylor's School and then in 1907 started at The Slade. Among his contemporaries there were Stanley Spencer, Ben Nicholson and Paul Nash. A visit to Italy after finishing college greatly influenced him and probably led to his decision to become a Roman Catholic. His beliefs meant that he became a conscientious objector during the First World War and was interned during the latter part of the war. After his marriage in 1919 he moved to a Norfolk village, building his own house and living a simple lifestyle. Although he continued to paint he became best known as a wood engraver. He was a shy and quiet man who preferred to live a simple rural life and he had few exhibitions. He died in 1966, relatively unknown, but since his death there has been much more interest in his work.

About Claughton Pellew Prints

Limited edition highest quality Giclée Prints, hand-numbered and hand-embossed. These are modern Giclée reproduction editions of an original print. Images protected by Bookroom Art Press.

Publisher - Bookroom Art Press. Recognized as one of the finest print publishers in the UK. Winner of Digital Printer of the Year 2014. Process: Giclée process to create limited edition prints - high resolution, high-fidelity process considerably surpassing in the quality of photo-lithographically produced images. Poduced to the highest of Fine Art Trade Guild Standards using 310gsm thick acid free rag, 100% cotton. The pigments are archival eight-colour Ultra-Chrome.

Framed and/or Mounted option - Mounted using plain white ph neutral conservation board. We frame specifically for your needs. Our standard and preferred frame is a plain oak with a square profile. Please enquire if you would like further details.

'The Train' by Claughton Pellew

'The Train' by Claughton Pellew

Image Size: 450mm x 600mm (image size does not include paper border, mount and frame). Format: Giclée Print, [ed. size 850] on 310gsm thick 100% cotton rag. Hand-numbered and hand-embossed. Price: £225.00. From a gouache, watercolour and pastel, 1922.

Price: 225.00